Career Profile

As an experienced IT professional, I have over 18 years of experience in mobile application, website, and cultural project development. I am skilled in IoT, UX, UI, data, music, team management, customer experience, CMS (Spip, WordPress), front-end technology (Hugo, Tailwind, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3), project management (agile), art direction, quality assurance, social media, and technical investigation. I have a strong work ethic and commitment to professional codes and regulations.


Digital Strategist + UX -

March 2021 - Now

As the project manager for at, I developed the technical, ergonomic, and functional strategy for this comprehensive festival management tool.

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Mentor musictech

Jan 2022 - Now
Plaine Images

I have had the opportunity to mentor several projects focused on music and mobile applications. Through my expertise in mobile application development and music, I have been able to guide the teams of these projects to success by providing them with technical support, helping them define and achieve their goals, and providing them with strategic advice on how to maximize their market impact.

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March 2019 - March 2021

As the leader of the development of iOS and Android applications for Blue Connect at Fluidra EMEA, I oversaw the mobile app project using Flutter, managing the project, team workflow, and UX/UI design. I also established customer support in collaboration with Fluidra’s internal structures and partners

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Manager photographer team

2004 - Now
Dour Festival, Belgium

As team leader, I oversaw the daily operations of a photography team and maintained a photo library for clients. I also coached the photographers during the festival.

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Chief Technology Officer - founder

2008 - 2018
Takeasip, Lille

Co-founder of the content creation agency Take a Sip .In charge of all the creative and technical part of the company.

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Head of Content - Project Manager

June 2018 - December 2018

As the head of content and project manager, I was responsible for project management, art direction, and content production. I created, improved, and maintained content to achieve business goals, shared content to increase brand awareness, and monitored web traffic.

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Senior technical project manager

2013 - 2014
BETC - Paris

As a senior technical project manager at BETC, I led the complete overhaul of the Credit Agricole website. With my expertise in project management and information technology, I was able to guide the development team and achieve the company’s goals within deadlines and budgets. I also worked closely with the marketing and design teams to create an exceptional user experience

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Senior technical project manager


Technical project manager of a social network in sign languages Elix - Freelance

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2012 - 2018
Arte Live web

I produced photographic reports on the atmospheres of the following festivals: Hellfest, La Route du Rock, Les Transmusicales de Rennes

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Information Technology Project Manager

2016 - Present
Freelance, Everywhere

As a project manager, I oversaw project management, technical surveys, team management, and UX/UI. I conducted technological research by studying the organization’s goals, strategies, practices, and user projects. I also completed projects by coordinating resources and schedules with user departments and verified application results by conducting system audits of implemented technologies.

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Information Technology Project Manager

2016 - 2018
CAF - Pas de Calais

As an information technology project manager, I worked on project management, technical surveys, team management, and UX/UI. I am also an open source contributor and active user of business-oriented social media. I planned, initiated, and managed IT projects, leading and guiding the work of technical staff. I monitored progress to ensure that deadlines, standards, and cost targets are met

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Chief Technology Officer

2016 - 2018, Lille

As the co-founder of the startup Sacavin, I assisted in the creation of communication tools, produced photo and video shoots, provided wine advice, participated in the design, and wrote the wine glossary

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Full-stack Developer

2006 - 2008

As a full-stack developer, I have strong expertise in HTML/CSS3, SPIP, PHP, and technical survey. I also have practical experience in designing application icons. I enjoy working on projects that allow me to apply my skills and solve complex problems. I am passionate about learning new technologies and improving my skills to provide the best service to my clients.

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Technical Project Manager

200O - 2006
UniversitΓ© Catholique de Lille

As the Technical Project Manager at the Catholic University of Lille, I led the migration of Filemaker, the migration of Mac OSX, and the administration of Mac OS X Server and Linux. I also taught and conducted technological surveys, trained staff and students on open source systems (Linux), and managed online and offline communication. My skills include design and wireframing. I am passionate about learning new technologies and helping the university achieve its goals.

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Information Technology Teacher

Interlignes - Museum of Fine Arts in Lille

As an Information Technology Teacher at the Museum of Fine Arts in Lille, I created animations for children about digital technologies. With my expertise in information technology and education, I was able to educate children about the possibilities offered by digital technologies while providing them with a fun and informative experience. I am passionate about continuous learning and using my skills to help others discover new knowledge and develop new skills.

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Side projects

🐿 SPIP - templates and icon contributor
🎭 Icon Tango Project - icon contributor
πŸ€“ Blue Diag App - flutter diagnostic app for IOT product
πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ Blue Connect App - flutter app for IOT product

Skills & Proficiency

Project Management

Jamstack & Hugo

Webperf & SEO


SPIP, Wordpress, Drupal




SwiftUI / Switft

Figma Penpot, XD, Sketch & Photoshop

Jira, Confluence, Git